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Dr. Leonardo Abarca

One of the leading plastic surgeons in Mexico, specialized in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and body contouring procedures.

He continued his training in Breast Surgery, Postbariatric Surgery and Facial Cosmetic Surgery at the Division of Plastic Surgery of the University of California in Irvine California, in the Division of Plastic Surgery of the Medical Center of the University of Pittsburg and at Hackensack University in New Jersey , New Jersey.

My passion is helping people improve their natural appearance, a passion that I pursue as one of the leading plastic surgeons in Mexico.
I am specialized in plastic surgery, reconstructive cosmetic surgery and body contouring procedures.

Dra. Astrid Silva 

Dr. Astrid Silva with a degree in Surgeon, trained at the Autonomous University of Mexico, with more than 15 years of medical training, in various institutions in Mexico City, and abroad, with more than 20 years of experience in gynecological procedures, ultrasound and aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

My passion is caring for and helping my patients feel good and look younger and more natural. Keep them healthy inside and out; also helping the self-esteem of each one of them to be benefited by my work; I find great satisfaction and joy in watching their smile when seeing their transformation.

Dr. Geovanni Bernabe  

I am an Orthodontist, my passion for dentistry was born from childhood. With more than 10 years of professional experience. I never doubted my vocation, and I declare myself in love with my profession because in my patients I see the change in their teeth, returning that perfect smile, happiness, and an increase in their emotional stability by making a transformation in their mouth.
The art of my profession is to transform people's teeth into a perfect smile.

Dr. Edgar Aguirre

I am passionate about my profession, I love what I do. To be a dentist is to be a plastic artist; in my hands I have the fortune to return or improve people's smiles and see them happy with the results obtained. For that reason and more I am a Dental Surgeon.

Johary A. Silva

My passion is to see a clean face without imperfections, to give luminosity and to see the satisfaction of the person when receiving one of my treatments

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